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The Stories Behind My September 2020 Designs

Hey Stitching Friends! It's blog Monday and this week I thought I would talk about my three newest cross stitch pattern designs: Fall for a Hedgehog, Paw Prints and Kittens and the Harvest. I hope you have had the chance to check them out!

As with all my designs, none of these patterns have any backstitching (as a cross-stitcher myself, I loathe backstitching). I make all my. outlines using full stitches. I start the process of creating my designs in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. When I am happy with what I have, I then use MacStitch to turn it into a cross stitch pattern. The pattern never comes out perfect right away, so I go through it stitch by stitch to make sure it is just right.

Now I am going to dive into each of the three cross stitch patterns and tell you how I got the idea and my process for creating each one.

Fall for a Hedgehog

I was actually inspired to make this little guy (I say little, but he is 11.9" x 8.7" on 14ct fabric) from an ad that I saw. I can't even remember what the ad was for, but it had a dishevelled looking hedgehog.  So I made this one and added some fall elements to him (the apples and leaves) to give him an autumn feel. I used a DMC colour scheme that also highlights the season:

The palette includes 20 colours and requires 27 skeins to complete the project.

I have designed Fall for a Hedgehog to go on white Aida fabric, but he would also look great on an ivory or dirty aida colour.

Paw Prints

2020 has been a rough year for most of us, but it was especially hard for my family in June when our dog Nelson passed away. My daughter and he had an amazing bond. This is him:

Our family dog Nelson

This was the inspiration behind my Paw Prints cross stitch pattern. It is a quote I have seen on a poster before, I just put my own spin on it.

It only has one colour in the palette, DMC #823 Navy Blue Dark and the project requires 5 skeins of floss.



Kittens and the Harvest

As I mentioned above, my daughter and Nelson the family dog had quite the bond...he followed her everywhere. She has been pretty bummed about his passing all summer. I personally, really didn't want to own another dog again, and I grew up with cats, so a few weeks ago I convinced my husband we should get Sophie (my daughter) a kitten. We ended up adopting this little guy!

My daughter named him Oreo, and now I have a new stitching buddy. Let me tell you, he loves DMC floss! I suppose Oreo is the inspiration behind Kittens and the Harvest (although he doesn't look like these two kittens at all!) I just really wanted to make a design that had kittens in a fall scene. Originally I had them in a kitchen but decided by putting them in the barn would add more of an autumn look to it. 

Kittens and the Harvest is a full coverage piece, measuring at 14" x 14" on 14ct fabric. The most economical fabric to use would be white Aida. The DMC colour palette for this pattern consists of 56 colours, with 67 skeins being needed to complete it. 

Most of my designs this month ended up being centered around pets. I didn't do it intentionally, it just ended up that way. Do you have a stitching buddy? I'd love to hear about them! Let me know in the comments below!


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