Cross Stitch Supplies Every Stitch Wit Should Have

Jun 16, 2020

Depending on where you live in the world, finding the right cross-stitch supplies near you can be a bit of a struggle. Thanks to the wonderful world of online shopping, you can find all kinds of stitching must-haves! I've put together a list of 5 essentials that Stitch Wit carries to cover all your cross stitching needs.


For cross stitch newbies, the best fabric choice is probably a light coloured Aida cloth. Stitch Wit carries a wide selection of Zweigart Aida cloth. Zweigart has been around for over 100 years and is very well-known and trusted among the cross stitching community. Stitch Wit also carries other Zweigart fabrics such as Cashel linen and Fiddler cloth, among others.


Some call it floss, others call it thread, but the most well-known supplier is DMC - and Stitch Wit has over 500 colours available! DMC floss comes in skeins of six-strands and is 8 metres long. They are 100% colourfast and fade resistant.


Embroidery Scissors are a crucial supply for cross stitchers. They have small, sharp points that help to undo stitches (mistakes) and cut floss cleanly. A popular favourite is Stork Scissors.

Hoops and Frames

Hoops and frames just make cross-stitching easier. They come in many different sizes and are usually made of wood or plastic. A 7" hoop is great as it is very versatile for most project sizes. Don't feel like you need to get all of your fabric design space inside the hoop, as you can move it around as you stitch.


When cross stitching, tapestry needles are best as they have blunt tips compared to sewing needles. My personal favourite needles to use are Clover Gold Eye Tapestry Needles. They don't rust and I find they glide nicely through the fabric.

Do you cross-stitch? What is your "can't live with without" tool?