How To Stitch On Dark Fabric

Jun 19, 2020

Cross stitch projects that are done on dark fabrics look amazing. They tend to really make the floss colours pop. The downside to working with dark fabric is it can be difficult. I even gave up the first time I tried! Then I picked up a few tips and tried again and this time was successful.

Here are the 5 tips I have for stitching on dark fabrics:

1. Light, light and more lights!

This is my #1 tip and I cannot stress it enough! If possible, try to get light under your fabric because it will make the holes in the fabric much more visible.

2. Get cozy with a light coloured blanket

No, I'm not just saying it for comfort. If you cover your lap with a light coloured surface, it will help to make the holes in the fabric easier to see. If you look at the image below, you can see on the left there is a dark surface behind the fabric, and on the right, there is a light surface under the fabric. The holes are much more visible on the right.

3. Use a hoop or frame

Personally, I always use a hoop or frame, but if you don't, I highly suggest one when using dark fabrics. Anything you can do to make the holes in the fabric more visible, the better. Having the fabric taut with a hoop or frame definitely helps.

4. Aida for the win

A lower stitch count fabric like 14-count Aida makes working with dark fabrics much easier simply because you can see the holes better than with linen.

5. Make it worth it

Since cross stitching on darker fabrics can be a little more challenging, make sure you are using a pattern you love. This will make any struggles you may have worth it.

Have you worked on dark fabric before? Share your pieces in the comments, I'd love to see them!