Patterns, Kits and Supplies for the Witty Cross Stitcher

Inventory and Order Processing

Effective September 20, 2021:


With the rising cost of goods and shipping, I had the hard choice to either change my shipping rates or raise the cost of products. I am determined to keep my DMC 6-Strand Cotton Floss at $0.68/skein, so with a heavy heart I am having to change my shipping rates and how I sell DMC Cotton Floss. 

I will no longer have individual skeins of DMC 6-Strand Cotton Floss available for purchase. However, there will be a new product "Custom DMC Floss List" where you can upload your list of needed colours.  This must be a list of 100 skeins or more and it will be at the same price of $0.68/skein.

I will also be introducing Floss Boxes. The following boxes will be available:

Full Set

    • DMC 6-Strand Cotton Floss Full Set: 489 Skeins ($335)

Number Series Boxes

    • Numbers 01-225 [includes Blanc, ECRU and B5200]: 66 Skeins ($46)
    • 300 Number Series: 38 Skeins ($27)
    • 400 Number Series: 23 Skeins ($17)
    • 500 Number Series: 26 Skeins ($19)
    • 600 Number Series: 27 Skeins ($19)
    • 700 Number Series: 53 Skeins ($37)
    • 800 Number Series: 43 Skeins ($30)
    • 900 Number Series: 65 Skeins ($45)
    • 3000 Number Series: 21 Skeins ($15)
    • 3300 Number Series: 15 Skeins ($11)
    • 3600 Number Series: 7 Skeins ($6)
    • 3700 Number Series: 40 Skeins ($28)
    • 3800 Number Series: 66 Skeins ($46)

Shades of Colour Boxes

    • Shades of Red: 106 Skeins ($73)
    • Shades of Orange: 22 Skeins ($16)
    • Shades of Yellow: 15 Skeins ($11)
    • Shades of Green: 111 Skeins ($76)
    • Shades of Blue: 78 Skeins ($54)
    • Shades of Purple: 32 Skeins ($23)
    • Shades of Brown: 76 Skeins ($53)
    • Shades of Greys: 38 Skeins ($27)

DMC Etoile, Light Effects and Variations Floss will still be available to purchase as individual skeins.


As mentioned above, with the rising cost of goods and shipping, I am having to change my shipping rates effective September 20, 2021.

All orders will still be shipped via Canada Post. However it will be at a flat rate and all Canadian orders will include tracking. Orders shipped within Canada will have a flat rate of $9. US orders are $15 and international shipping will be $22. Any orders being shipped outside of Canada will not include tracking.

Some small items will not include tracking but will have lower rates. Within Canada $3 / USA $8 / International $12

There will no longer be free shipping for orders over $75. 


Effective July 1, 2021

Real time inventory is now tracked on the website!

Orders with products that are all in stock are processed within 1-4 business days.

Out of stock products can still be purchased, they just take a little longer to process. Normally, it should take 3-4 weeks to process out of stock items.

If your order includes items that are both in stock and out of stock, I will hold on to your order until it can be shipped in full. If you would like the in stock products to ship right away please email me at

Project bags, t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts are all made to order and ship directly to you from the manufacturer. These products take 2-3 weeks to process.

At times, some products get backordered from the manufacturer/supplier. If this happens, I will notify you and give you a date it can be expected.